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Accepted name: phloretin hydrolase
Reaction: phloretin + H2O = phloretate + phloroglucinol
Other name(s): lactase-phlorizin hydrolase
Systematic name: 2′,4,4′,6′-tetrahydroxydehydrochalcone 1,3,5-trihydroxybenzenehydrolase
Comments: Also hydrolyses other C-acylated phenols related to phloretin.
Links to other databases: BRENDA, EXPASY, KEGG, MetaCyc, CAS registry number: 37289-38-6
1.  Minamikawa, T., Jayasankar, N.P., Bohm, B.A., Taylor, I.E.P and Towers, G.H.N. An inducible hydrolase from Aspergillus niger, acting on carbon-carbon bonds, for phlorrhizin and other C-acylated phenols. Biochem. J. 116 (1970) 889–897. [PMID: 5441377]
[EC created 1972]

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