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Accepted name: L-glutamine:2-deoxy-scyllo-inosose aminotransferase
Reaction: L-glutamine + 2-deoxy-scyllo-inosose = 2-oxoglutaramate + 2-deoxy-scyllo-inosamine
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Glossary: 2-deoxy-scyllo-inosose = (2S,3R,4S,5R)-2,3,4,5-tetrahydroxycyclohexan-1-one
Other name(s): btrR (gene name); neoB (gene name); kanB (gene name)
Systematic name: L-glutamine:2-deoxy-scyllo-inosose aminotransferase
Comments: Involved in the biosynthetic pathways of several clinically important aminocyclitol antibiotics, including kanamycin, butirosin, neomycin and ribostamycin. Also catalyses EC, L-glutamine:5-amino-2,3,4-trihydroxycyclohexanone aminotransferase [2].
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1.  Tamegai, H., Eguchi, T. and Kakinuma, K. First identification of Streptomyces genes involved in the biosynthesis of 2-deoxystreptamine-containing aminoglycoside antibiotics--genetic and evolutionary analysis of L-glutamine:2-deoxy-scyllo-inosose aminotransferase genes. J. Antibiot. (Tokyo) 55 (2002) 1016–1018. [PMID: 12546424]
2.  Huang, F., Haydock, S.F., Mironenko, T., Spiteller, D., Li, Y. and Spencer, J.B. The neomycin biosynthetic gene cluster of Streptomyces fradiae NCIMB 8233: characterisation of an aminotransferase involved in the formation of 2-deoxystreptamine. Org. Biomol. Chem. 3 (2005) 1410–1418. [PMID: 15827636]
3.  Kudo, F., Yamamoto, Y., Yokoyama, K., Eguchi, T. and Kakinuma, K. Biosynthesis of 2-deoxystreptamine by three crucial enzymes in Streptomyces fradiae NBRC 12773. J. Antibiot. (Tokyo) 58 (2005) 766–774. [PMID: 16506694]
4.  Jnawali, H.N., Subba, B., Liou, K. and Sohng, J.K. Functional characterization of kanB by complementing in engineered Streptomyces fradiae Δneo6::tsr. Biotechnol. Lett. 31 (2009) 869–875. [PMID: 19219581]
[EC created 2013]

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