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Accepted name: λ-carrageenase
Reaction: Endohydrolysis of (1→4)-β-linkages in the backbone of λ-carrageenan, resulting in the tetrasaccharide α-D-Galp2,6S2-(1→3)-β-D-Galp2S-(1→4)-α-D-Galp2,6S2-(1→3)-D-Galp2S
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Glossary: For diagram of the structures of carrageenans, click here
Other name(s): endo-β-1,4-carrageenose 2,6,2′-trisulfate-hydrolase
Systematic name: endo-(1→4)-β-carrageenose 2,6,2′-trisulfate-hydrolase
Comments: The enzyme from Pseudoalteromonas sp. is specific for λ-carrageenan. ι-Carrageenan (see EC, ι-carrageenase), κ-carrageenan (see EC, κ-carrageenase), agarose and porphyran are not substrates.
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1.  Ohta, Y. and Hatada, Y. A novel enzyme, λ-carrageenase, isolated from a deep-sea bacterium. J. Biochem. (Tokyo) 140 (2006) 475–481. [DOI] [PMID: 16926183]
[EC created 2007]

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