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Accepted name: limit dextrinase
Reaction: Hydrolysis of (1→6)-α-D-glucosidic linkages in α- and β-limit dextrins of amylopectin and glycogen, and in amylopectin and pullulan
Glossary: pullulan = a linear polymer of (1→6)-linked maltotriose units
Other name(s): R-enzyme; amylopectin-1,6-glucosidase; dextrin α-1,6-glucanohydrolase
Systematic name: dextrin 6-α-glucanohydrolase
Comments: Plant enzymes with little or no action on glycogen. Action on amylopectin is incomplete, but action on α-limit dextrins is complete. Maltose is the smallest sugar it can release from an α-(1→6)-linkage.
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1.  Gordon, R.W., Manners, D.J. and Stark, J.R. The limit dextrinase of the broad bean (Vicia faba). Carbohydr. Res. 42 (1975) 125–134.
2.  Manners, D.J. Observations on the specificity and nomenclature of starch debranching enzymes. J. Appl. Glycosci. 44 (1997) 83–85.
[EC created 2000]

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