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Accepted name: DNA primase DnaG
Reaction: ssDNA + n NTP = ssDNA/pppN(pN)n-1 hybrid + (n-1) diphosphate
Other name(s): DnaG
Systematic name: nucleotide 5′-triphosphate:single-stranded DNA nucleotidyltransferase (DNA-RNA hybrid synthesizing)
Comments: The enzyme catalyses the synthesis of short RNA sequences that are used as primers for EC, DNA-directed DNA polymerase. It is found in bacteria and archaea. The latter also have a second primase system (EC, DNA primase AEP).
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1.  Rowen, L. and Kornberg, A. Primase, the dnaG protein of Escherichia coli. An enzyme which starts DNA chains. J. Biol. Chem. 253 (1978) 758–764. [PMID: 340457]
2.  Ilyina, T.V., Gorbalenya, A.E. and Koonin, E.V. Organization and evolution of bacterial and bacteriophage primase-helicase systems. J. Mol. Evol. 34 (1992) 351–357. [PMID: 1569588]
3.  Frick, D.N. and Richardson, C.C. DNA primases. Annu. Rev. Biochem. 70 (2001) 39–80. [PMID: 11395402]
4.  Zuo, Z., Rodgers, C.J., Mikheikin, A.L. and Trakselis, M.A. Characterization of a functional DnaG-type primase in archaea: implications for a dual-primase system. J. Mol. Biol. 397 (2010) 664–676. [PMID: 20122937]
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