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Accepted name: D-tryptophan N-malonyltransferase
Reaction: malonyl-CoA + D-tryptophan = CoA + N2-malonyl-D-tryptophan
Systematic name: malonyl-CoA:D-tryptophan N-malonyltransferase
Comments: 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate can act instead of malonyl-CoA.
Links to other databases: BRENDA, EXPASY, KEGG, MetaCyc, CAS registry number: 94490-01-4
1.  Matern, U., Feser, C. and Heller, W. N-Malonyltransferases from peanut. Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 235 (1984) 218–227. [DOI] [PMID: 6497391]
[EC created 1989]

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