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Accepted name: acyl-CoA 15-desaturase
Reaction: (9Z,12Z)-hexadeca-9,12-dienoyl-CoA + reduced acceptor + O2 = (9Z,12Z,15Z)-hexadeca-9,12,15-trienoyl-CoA + acceptor + 2 H2O
Other name(s): DES3 (gene name)
Systematic name: acyl-CoA,reduced acceptor:oxygen oxidoreductase (15,16 cis-dehydrogenating)
Comments: The enzyme, characterized from the the plant Sorghum bicolor, is involved in the biosynthesis of sorgoleone, an allelopathic compound produced in root hair cells. The enzyme inserts a cis double bond at carbon 15. When acting on its natural substrate, (9Z,12Z)-hexadeca-9,12-dienoyl-CoA, it produces a product with a terminal double bond.
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1.  Pan, Z., Rimando, A.M., Baerson, S.R., Fishbein, M. and Duke, S.O. Functional characterization of desaturases involved in the formation of the terminal double bond of an unusual 16:3Δ(9,12,15) fatty acid isolated from Sorghum bicolor root hairs. J. Biol. Chem. 282 (2007) 4326–4335. [DOI] [PMID: 17178719]
[EC created 2015]

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