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Accepted name: D-arabitol-phosphate dehydrogenase
Reaction: D-arabinitol 1-phosphate + NAD+ = D-xylulose 5-phosphate + NADH + H+
Other name(s): APDH; D-arabitol 1-phosphate dehydrogenase; D-arabitol 5-phosphate dehydrogenase; D-arabinitol 1-phosphate dehydrogenase; D-arabinitol 5-phosphate dehydrogenase
Systematic name: D-arabinitol-phosphate:NAD+ oxidoreductase
Comments: This enzyme participates in arabinitol catabolism. The enzyme also converts D-arabinitol 5-phosphate to D-ribulose 5-phosphate at a lower rate [1].
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1.  Povelainen, M., Eneyskaya, E.V., Kulminskaya, A.A., Ivanen, D.R., Kalkkinen, N., Neustroev, K.N. and Miasnikov, A.N. Biochemical and genetic characterization of a novel enzyme of pentitol metabolism: D-arabitol-phosphate dehydrogenase. Biochem. J. 371 (2003) 191–197. [DOI] [PMID: 12467497]
[EC created 2010]

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