Accepted name: versiconal hemiacetal acetate reductase
Reaction: (1) versicolorone + NADP+ = 1′-hydroxyversicolorone + NADPH + H+
(2) versiconol acetate + NADP+ = versiconal hemiacetal acetate + NADPH + H+
(3) versiconol + NADP+ = versiconal + NADPH + H+
Glossary: 1′-hydroxyversicolorone = (2S,3S)-2,4,6,8-tetrahydroxy-3-(3-oxobutyl)anthra[2,3-b]furan-5,10-dione
versiconal = (2S,3S)-2,4,6,8-tetrahydroxy-3-(2-hydroxyethyl)anthra[2,3-b]furan-5,10-dione
versiconal hemiacetal acetate = 2-[(2S,3S)-2,4,6,8-tetrahydroxy-5,10-dioxo-5,10-dihydroanthra[2,3-b]furan-3-yl]ethyl acetate
versiconol = 1,3,6,8-tetrahydroxy-3-[(2S)-1,4-dihydroxybutan-2-yl]anthracene-5,10-dione
versiconol acetate = (3S)-4-hydroxy-3-[1,3,6,8-tetrahydroxy-9,10-dioxo-9,10-dihydroanthracen-2-yl]butyl acetate
versicolorone = 1,3,6,8-tetrahydroxy-2-[(2S)-1-hydroxy-5-oxohexan-2-yl]anthracene-5,10-dione
Other name(s): VHA reductase; VHA reductase I; VHA reductase II; vrdA (gene name)
Systematic name: versiconol-acetate:NADP+ oxidoreductase
Comments: Isolated from the mold Aspergillus parasiticus. Involved in a metabolic grid that leads to aflatoxin biosynthesis.
1.  Matsushima, K., Ando, Y., Hamasaki, T. and Yabe, K. Purification and characterization of two versiconal hemiacetal acetate reductases involved in aflatoxin biosynthesis. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 60 (1994) 2561–2567. [PMID: 16349333]
2.  Shima, Y., Shiina, M., Shinozawa, T., Ito, Y., Nakajima, H., Adachi, Y. and Yabe, K. Participation in aflatoxin biosynthesis by a reductase enzyme encoded by vrdA gene outside the aflatoxin gene cluster. Fungal Genet. Biol. 46 (2009) 221–231. [PMID: 19211038]
[EC created 2013]