Accepted name: (R)-mandelate dehydrogenase
Reaction: (R)-mandelate + NAD+ = phenylglyoxylate + NADH + H+
Glossary: (R)-mandelate = D-mandelate
Other name(s): ManDH2; D-ManDH2; D-mandelate dehydrogenase (ambiguous)
Systematic name: (R)-mandelate:NAD+ 2-oxidoreductase
Comments: The enzyme, found in bacteria and fungi, can also accept a number of substituted mandelate derivatives, such as 3-hydroxymandelate, 4-hydroxymandelate, 2-methoxymandelate, 4-hydroxy-3-methoxymandelate and 3-hydroxy-4-methoxymandelate. The enzyme has no activity with (S)-mandelate (cf. EC, (S)-mandelate dehydrogenase) [1,2]. The enzyme transfers the pro-R-hydrogen from NADH [2].
1.  Baker, D.P. and Fewson, C.A. Purification and characterization of D(–)-mandelate dehydrogenase from Rhodotorula graminis. Microbiology 135 (1989) 2035–2044.
2.  Baker, D.P., Kleanthous, C., Keen, J.N., Weinhold, E. and Fewson, C.A. Mechanistic and active-site studies on D(–)-mandelate dehydrogenase from Rhodotorula graminis. Biochem. J. 281 (1992) 211–218. [PMID: 1731758]
[EC created 2014]
Accepted name: mandelamide amidase
Reaction: (R)-mandelamide + H2O = (R)-mandelate + NH3
Glossary: (R)-mandelate = (R)-2-hydroxy-2-phenylacetate
Other name(s): Pseudomonas mandelamide hydrolase
Systematic name: mandelamide hydrolase
1.  Yamamoto, K., Oishi, K., Fujimatsu, I. and Komatsu, K. Production of R-(-)-mandelic acid from mandelonitrile by Alcaligenes faecalis ATCC 8750. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 57 (1991) 3028–3032. [PMID: 1660699]
[EC created 2000]
Accepted name: mandelate racemase
Reaction: (S)-mandelate = (R)-mandelate
Glossary: mandelate = 2-hydroxy-2-phenylacetate
Systematic name: mandelate racemase
1.  Gunsalus, C.F., Stanier, R.Y. and Gunsalus, I.C. The enzymatic conversion of mandelic acid to benzoic acid. III. Fractionation and properties of the soluble enzymes. J. Bacteriol. 66 (1953) 548–553. [PMID: 13108854]
[EC created 1961]