Accepted name: fucosterol-epoxide lyase
Reaction: (24R,241R)-fucosterol epoxide = desmosterol + acetaldehyde
Glossary: (24R,241R)-fucosterol epoxide = (3β,24R,28R)-24,28-epoxystigmast-5-en-3-ol
Other name(s): (24R,24′R)-fucosterol-epoxide acetaldehyde-lyase; (24R,24′R)-fucosterol-epoxide acetaldehyde-lyase (desmosterol-forming)
Systematic name: (24R,241R)-fucosterol-epoxide acetaldehyde-lyase (desmosterol-forming)
Comments: The insect enzyme is involved in the conversion of sitosterol into cholesterol.
1.  Prestwich, G.D., Angelastro, M., De Palma, A. and Perino, M.A. Fucosterol epoxide lyase of insects: synthesis of labeled substrates and development of a partition assay. Anal. Biochem. 151 (1985) 315–326. [PMID: 3913328]
[EC created 1989, modified 2013]