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Accepted name: α-isocomene synthase
Reaction: (2E,6E)-farnesyl diphosphate = (-)-α-isocomene + diphosphate
For diagram of bicyclic and tricyclic sesquiterpenoids derived from humuladienyl cation, click here and for mechanism, click here
Glossary: (-)-α-isocomene = (1R,3aS,5aS,8aR)-1,3a,4,5a-tetramethyl-1,2,3,3a,5a,6,7,8-octahydrocyclopenta[c]pentalene
Other name(s): MrTPS2
Systematic name: (2E,6E)-farnesyl-diphosphate diphosphate-lyase (cyclizing, (-)-α-isocomene-forming)
Comments: Isolated from the roots of the plant Matricaria chamomilla var. recutita (chamomile). The enzyme also produced traces of five other sesquiterpenoids.
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1.  Irmisch, S., Krause, S.T., Kunert, G., Gershenzon, J., Degenhardt, J. and Kollner, T.G. The organ-specific expression of terpene synthase genes contributes to the terpene hydrocarbon composition of chamomile essential oils. BMC Plant Biol. 12:84 (2012). [DOI] [PMID: 22682202]
[EC created 2012]

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