Accepted name: ABC-type L-arabinose transporter
Reaction: ATP + H2O + L-arabinose-[arabinose-binding protein][side 1] = ADP + phosphate + L-arabinose[side 2] + [arabinose-binding protein][side 1]
Other name(s): L-arabinose transporting ATPase; L-arabinose ABC transporter; araFGH (gene names)
Systematic name: ATP phosphohydrolase (ABC-type, L-arabinose-importing)
Comments: ATP-binding cassette (ABC) type transporter, characterized by the presence of two similar ATP-binding domains/proteins and two integral membrane domains/proteins. A bacterial enzyme that interacts with an extracytoplasmic substrate binding protein and mediates the high-affinity uptake of L-arabinose.
1.  Scripture, J.B., Voelker, C., Miller, S., O'Donnell, R.T., Polgar, L., Rade, J., Horazdovsky, B.F. and Hogg, R.W. High-affinity L-arabinose transport operon. Nucleotide sequence and analysis of gene products. J. Mol. Biol. 197 (1987) 37–46. [PMID: 2445996]
2.  Horazdovsky, B.F. and Hogg, R.W. Genetic reconstitution of the high-affinity L-arabinose transport system. J. Bacteriol. 171 (1989) 3053–3059. [PMID: 2656640]
[EC created 2019]