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Accepted name: baccharis oxide synthase
Reaction: (3S)-2,3-epoxy-2,3-dihydrosqualene = baccharis oxide
For diagram of baccharis oxide, baruol and shionone biosynthesis, click here
Systematic name: (3S)-2,3-epoxy-2,3-dihydrosqualene mutase (cyclizing, baccharis-oxide-forming)
Comments: The enzyme from Stevia rebaudiana also gives traces of other triterpenoids.
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1.  Shibuya, M., Sagara, A., Saitoh, A., Kushiro, T. and Ebizuka, Y. Biosynthesis of baccharis oxide, a triterpene with a 3,10-oxide bridge in the A-ring. Org. Lett. 10 (2008) 5071–5074. [DOI] [PMID: 18850716]
[EC created 2011]

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