Accepted name: isochorismate lyase
Reaction: isochorismate = salicylate + pyruvate
Other name(s): salicylate biosynthesis protein pchB; pyochelin biosynthetic protein PchB; isochorismate pyruvate lyase
Systematic name: isochorismate pyruvate-lyase (salicylate-forming)
Comments: This enzyme is part of the pathway of salicylate formation from chorismate, and forms an integral part of pathways that produce salicylate-derived siderophores, such as pyochelin and yersiniabactin.
1.  Serino, L., Reimmann, C., Baur, H., Beyeler, M., Visca, P. and Haas, D. Structural genes for salicylate biosynthesis from chorismate in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Mol. Gen. Genet. 249 (1995) 217–228. [PMID: 7500944]
2.  Kerbarh, O., Ciulli, A., Howard, N.I. and Abell, C. Salicylate biosynthesis: overexpression, purification, and characterization of Irp9, a bifunctional salicylate synthase from Yersinia enterocolitica. J. Bacteriol. 187 (2005) 5061–5066. [PMID: 16030197]
[EC created 2010]