Accepted name: threonine synthase
Reaction: O-phospho-L-homoserine + H2O = L-threonine + phosphate
Other name(s): threonine synthetase; O-phospho-L-homoserine phospho-lyase (adding water)
Systematic name: O-phospho-L-homoserine phosphate-lyase (adding water; L-threonine-forming)
Comments: A pyridoxal-phosphate protein.
1.  Flavin, M. and Slaughter, C. Purification and properties of threonine synthetase of Neurospora. J. Biol. Chem. 235 (1960) 1103–1108. [PMID: 13823379]
[EC created 1961 as EC, transferred 2000 to EC]