Accepted name: indolepyruvate decarboxylase
Reaction: 3-(indol-3-yl)pyruvate = 2-(indol-3-yl)acetaldehyde + CO2
Glossary: thiamine diphosphate = 3-[(4-amino-2-methylpyrimidin-5-yl)methyl]-5-(2-diphosphoethyl)-4-methyl-1,3-thiazolium
Other name(s): indol-3-yl-pyruvate carboxy-lyase; 3-(indol-3-yl)pyruvate carboxy-lyase
Systematic name: 3-(indol-3-yl)pyruvate carboxy-lyase [(2-indol-3-yl)acetaldehyde-forming]
Comments: Thiamine diphosphate- and Mg2+-dependent. More specific than EC pyruvate decarboxylase
1.  Koga, J. Structure and function of indolepyruvate decarboxylase, a key enzyme in indole-3-pyruvic acid biosynthesis. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1249 (1995) 1–13. [PMID: 7766676]
[EC created 1999]

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