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Accepted name: 6-oxocyclohex-1-ene-1-carbonyl-CoA hydratase
Reaction: 6-oxocyclohex-1-ene-1-carbonyl-CoA + 2 H2O = 3-hydroxypimeloyl-CoA (overall reaction)
(1a) 6-oxocyclohex-1-ene-1-carbonyl-CoA + H2O = 2-hydroxy-6-oxocyclohexane-1-carbonyl-CoA
(1b) 2-hydroxy-6-oxocyclohexane-1-carbonyl-CoA + H2O = 3-hydroxypimeloyl-CoA
For diagram of Benzoyl-CoA catabolism, click here
Glossary: 3-hydroxypimeloyl-CoA = 3-hydroxy-6-carboxyhexanoyl-CoA
Other name(s): 6-oxocyclohex-1-ene-1-carbonyl-CoA hydrolase; 6-oxocyclohex-1-ene-1-carbonyl-CoA hydrolase (decyclizing)
Systematic name: 6-oxocyclohex-1-ene-1-carbonyl-CoA hydrolase (ring-opening)
Comments: The enzyme, which participates in the anaerobic benzoyl-CoA degradation pathway in certain organisms, catalyses the addition of one molecule of water to the double bound of 6-oxocyclohex-1-ene-1-carbonyl-CoA followed by the hydrolytic C-C cleavage of the alicyclic ring.
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1.  Laempe, D., Jahn, M. and Fuchs, G. 6-Hydroxycyclohex-1-ene-1-carbonyl-CoA dehydrogenase and 6-oxocyclohex-1-ene-1-carbonyl-CoA hydrolase, enzymes of the benzoyl-CoA pathway of anaerobic aromatic metabolism in the denitrifying bacterium Thauera aromatica. Eur. J. Biochem. 263 (1999) 420–429. [DOI] [PMID: 10406950]
2.  Kuntze, K., Shinoda, Y., Moutakki, H., McInerney, M.J., Vogt, C., Richnow, H.H. and Boll, M. 6-Oxocyclohex-1-ene-1-carbonyl-coenzyme A hydrolases from obligately anaerobic bacteria: characterization and identification of its gene as a functional marker for aromatic compounds degrading anaerobes. Environ. Microbiol. 10 (2008) 1547–1556. [DOI] [PMID: 18312395]
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