Accepted name: kallikrein 8
Reaction: Cleavage of amide substrates following the basic amino acids Arg or Lys at the P1 position, with a preference for Arg over Lys
Other name(s): KLK8; PRSS19; human kallikrein 8; hK8; mK8; ovasin; tumor-associated differentially expressed gene 14; TADG-14; NP; neuropsin
Comments: The enzyme is activated by removal of an N-terminal prepropeptide [2,4]. The highest amidolytic activity is observed using Boc-Val-Pro-Arg┼7-amido-4-methylcoumarin, which is a substrate of α-thrombin [2,4]. Substrates lacking basic amino acids in the P1 position are not cleaved [4]. The enzyme degrades casein, fibronectin, gelatin, collagen type IV, fibrinogen, and high-molecular-mass kininogen [3] and is associated with diseases such as ovarian cancer and Alzheimer’s disease [4]. Belongs in peptidase family S1A.
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[EC created 2006]