Accepted name: xanthomonalisin
Reaction: Cleavage of casein
Other name(s): Xanthomonas aspartic proteinase; xanthomonapepsin; sedolisin-B
Comments: Secreted by the bacterium Xanthomonas sp. Belongs in peptidase family S53.
1.  Oda, K., Nakazima, T., Terashita, T., Suzuki, K. and Murao, S. Purification and properties of an S-PI(pepstatin Ac)-insensitive carboxyl proteinase from a Xanthomonas sp. bacterium. Agric. Biol. Chem. 51 (1987) 3073–3080.
2.  Wlodawer, A., Li, M., Gustchina, A., Oyama, H., Dunn, B.M. and Oda, K. Structural and enzymatic properties of the sedolisin family of serine-carboxyl peptidases. Acta Biochim. Pol. 50 (2003) 81–102. [PMID: 12673349]
[EC created 1995 as EC, transferred 2001 to EC, modified 2003]