Accepted name: mycodextranase
Reaction: Endohydrolysis of (1→4)-α-D-glucosidic linkages in α-D-glucans containing both (1→3)- and (1→4)-bonds
Other name(s): 1,3-1,4-α-D-glucan 4-glucanohydrolase
Systematic name: (1→3)-(1→4)-α-D-glucan 4-glucanohydrolase
Comments: Products are nigerose and 4-α-D-nigerosylglucose. No hydrolysis of α-D-glucans containing only 1,3- or 1,4-bonds.
1.  Tung, K. and Nordin, J.H. Structure of the tetrasaccharide produced by the hydrolysis of nigeran by the enzyme mycodextranase. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 158 (1968) 154–156. [PMID: 5652425]
[EC created 1972]