Accepted name: endoglycosylceramidase
Reaction: oligoglycosylglucosyl-(1↔1)-ceramide + H2O = ceramide + oligoglycosylglucose
Other name(s): endoglycoceramidase; EGCase; glycosyl-N-acetyl-sphingosine 1,1-β-D-glucanohydrolase; oligoglycosylglucosylceramide glycohydrolase; oligoglycosylglucosyl(1↔1)ceramide glycohydrolase
Systematic name: oligoglycosylglucosyl-(1↔1)-ceramide glycohydrolase
Comments: An enzyme from Rhodococcus sp. that degrades various acidic and neutral glycosphingolipids to oligosaccharides and ceramides, by cleaving a glucosyl bond. Does not act on monoglycosylceramides. cf. EC glycosylceramidase.
1.  Ito, M. and Yamagata, T. A novel glycosphingolipid-degrading enzyme cleaves the linkage between the oligosaccharide and ceramide of neutral and acidic glycosphingolipids. J. Biol. Chem. 261 (1986) 14278–14282. [PMID: 3771534]
[EC created 1989]