Accepted name: L-tryptophan—pyruvate aminotransferase
Reaction: L-tryptophan + pyruvate = indole-3-pyruvate + L-alanine
Other name(s): TAA1 (gene name); vt2 (gene name)
Systematic name: L-tryptophan:pyruvate aminotransferase
Comments: This plant enzyme, along with EC, indole-3-pyruvate monooxygenase, is responsible for the biosynthesis of the plant hormone indole-3-acetate from L-tryptophan.
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4.  Zhao, Y. Auxin biosynthesis: a simple two-step pathway converts tryptophan to indole-3-acetic acid in plants. Mol. Plant 5 (2012) 334–338. [PMID: 22155950]
[EC created 2012]