Accepted name: dolichyl-phosphooligosaccharide-protein glycotransferase
Reaction: an archaeal dolichyl phosphooligosaccharide + [protein]-L-asparagine = an archaeal dolichyl phosphate + a glycoprotein with the oligosaccharide chain attached by N-β-D-glycosyl linkage to a protein L-asparagine
Other name(s): AglB; archaeal oligosaccharyl transferase; dolichyl-monophosphooligosaccharide-protein glycotransferase
Systematic name: dolichyl-phosphooligosaccharide:protein-L-asparagine N-β-D-oligosaccharidotransferase
Comments: The enzyme, characterized from the archaea Methanococcus voltae and Haloferax volcanii, transfers a glycan component from dolichyl phosphooligosaccharide to external proteins. It is different from EC, dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide-protein glycotransferase, which uses dolichyl diphosphate as carrier compound in bacteria and eukaryotes. The enzyme participates in the N-glycosylation of proteins in some archaea. It requires Mn2+. Dolichol used by archaea is different from that used by eukaryotes. It is much shorter (C55-C60), it is α,ω-saturated and it may have additional unsaturated positions in the chain.
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3.  Cohen-Rosenzweig, C., Guan, Z., Shaanan, B. and Eichler, J. Substrate promiscuity: AglB, the archaeal oligosaccharyltransferase, can process a variety of lipid-linked glycans. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 80 (2014) 486–496. [PMID: 24212570]
[EC created 2015]