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Accepted name: citrate (Si)-synthase
Reaction: acetyl-CoA + H2O + oxaloacetate = citrate + CoA
For diagram of the citric acid cycle, click here and for diagram of the glyoxylate cycle, click here
Other name(s): (R)-citric synthase; citrate oxaloacetate-lyase [(pro-3S)-CH2COO-→acetyl-CoA]
Systematic name: acetyl-CoA:oxaloacetate C-acetyltransferase [thioester-hydrolysing, (pro-S)-carboxymethyl forming]
Comments: The stereospecificity of this enzyme is opposite to that of EC, citrate (Re)-synthase, which is found in some anaerobes. Citrate synthase for which the stereospecificity with respect to C2 of oxaloacetate has not been established are included in EC, citrate synthase.
Links to other databases: BRENDA, EXPASY, GTD, KEGG, MetaCyc, PDB, CAS registry number: 9027-96-7
1.  Lenz, H., Buckel, W., Wunderwald, P., Biedermann, G., Buschmeier, V., Eggerer, H., Cornforth, J.W., Redmond, J.W. and Mallaby, R. Stereochemistry of si-citrate synthase and ATP-citrate-lyase reactions. Eur. J. Biochem. 24 (1971) 207–215. [DOI] [PMID: 5157292]
2.  Karpusas, M., Branchaud, B. and Remington, S.J. Proposed mechanism for the condensation reaction of citrate synthase: 1.9-Å structure of the ternary complex with oxaloacetate and carboxymethyl coenzyme A. Biochemistry 29 (1990) 2213–2219. [PMID: 2337600]
3.  van Rooyen, J.P., Mienie, L.J., Erasmus, E., De Wet, W.J., Ketting, D., Duran, M. and Wadman, S.K. Identification of the stereoisomeric configurations of methylcitric acid produced by si-citrate synthase and methylcitrate synthase using capillary gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. J. Inherit. Metab. Dis. 17 (1994) 738–747. [PMID: 7707698]
[EC created 1961 as EC, transferred 2002 to EC, modified 2014]

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