Accepted name: sugiol synthase
Reaction: ferruginol + 2 [reduced NADPH—hemoprotein reductase] + 2 O2 = sugiol + 2 [oxidized NADPH—hemoprotein reductase] + 3 H2O
Glossary: ferruginol = abieta-8,11,13-trien-12-ol
sugiol = 12-hydroxyabieta-8,11,13-trien-7-one
Other name(s): CYP76AH3
Systematic name: ferruginol,[reduced NADPH—hemoprotein reductase]:oxygen oxidoreductase (sugiol-forming)
Comments: A cytochrome P-450 (heme-thiolate) protein isolated from the plant Salvia miltiorrhiza (danshen). The enzyme also oxidizes 11-hydroxyferruginol to 11-hydroxysugiol. It also oxidizes at C-12 of ferruginol (EC ferruginol monooxygenase).
1.  Guo, J., Ma, X., Cai, Y., Ma, Y., Zhan, Z., Zhou, Y.J., Liu, W., Guan, M., Yang, J., Cui, G., Kang, L., Yang, L., Shen, Y., Tang, J., Lin, H., Ma, X., Jin, B., Liu, Z., Peters, R.J., Zhao, Z.K. and Huang, L. Cytochrome P450 promiscuity leads to a bifurcating biosynthetic pathway for tanshinones. New Phytol. 210 (2016) 525–534. [PMID: 26682704]
[EC created 2018]

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