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Accepted name: dihydrophenazinedicarboxylate synthase
Reaction: (1) (1R,6R)-1,4,5,5a,6,9-hexahydrophenazine-1,6-dicarboxylate + O2 = (1R,10aS)-1,4,10,10a-tetrahydrophenazine-1,6-dicarboxylate + H2O2
(2) (1R,10aS)-1,4,10,10a-tetrahydrophenazine-1,6-dicarboxylate + O2 = (5aS)-5,5a-dihydrophenazine-1,6-dicarboxylate + H2O2
(3) (1R,10aS)-1,4,10,10a-tetrahydrophenazine-1-carboxylate + O2 = (10aS)-10,10a-dihydrophenazine-1-carboxylate + H2O2
(4) (1R)-1,4,5,10-tetrahydrophenazine-1-carboxylate + O2 = (10aS)-5,10-dihydrophenazine-1-carboxylate + H2O2
For diagram of enediyne antitumour antibiotic biosynthesis and pyocyanin biosynthesis, click here
Other name(s): phzG (gene name)
Systematic name: 1,4,5a,6,9,10a-hexahydrophenazine-1,6-dicarboxylate:oxygen oxidoreductase
Comments: Requires FMN. The enzyme, isolated from the bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens 2-79 and Burkholderia lata 383, is involved in biosynthesis of the reduced forms of phenazine, phenazine-1-carboxylate, and phenazine-1,6-dicarboxylate, where it catalyses multiple reactions.
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1.  Xu, N., Ahuja, E.G., Janning, P., Mavrodi, D.V., Thomashow, L.S. and Blankenfeldt, W. Trapped intermediates in crystals of the FMN-dependent oxidase PhzG provide insight into the final steps of phenazine biosynthesis. Acta Crystallogr. D Biol. Crystallogr. 69 (2013) 1403–1413. [DOI] [PMID: 23897464]
[EC created 2016]

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