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Accepted name: catechol oxidase
Reaction: 2 catechol + O2 = 2 1,2-benzoquinone + 2 H2O
Glossary: catechol = 1,2-benzenediol
Other name(s): diphenol oxidase; o-diphenolase; polyphenol oxidase; pyrocatechol oxidase; dopa oxidase; catecholase; o-diphenol:oxygen oxidoreductase; o-diphenol oxidoreductase
Systematic name: 1,2-benzenediol:oxygen oxidoreductase
Comments: A type 3 copper protein that catalyses exclusively the oxidation of catechol (i.e., o-diphenol) to the corresponding o-quinone. The enzyme also acts on a variety of substituted catechols. It is different from tyrosinase, EC, which can catalyse both the monooxygenation of monophenols and the oxidation of catechols.
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[EC created 1961, deleted 1972, reinstated 1978]

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