Accepted name: fluoren-9-ol dehydrogenase
Reaction: fluoren-9-ol + NAD(P)+ = fluoren-9-one + NAD(P)H + H+
Systematic name: fluoren-9-ol:NAD(P)+ oxidoreductase
Comments: Involved in the pathway for fluorene metabolism in Arthrobacter sp.
1.  Casellas, M., Grifoll, M., Bayona, J.M. and Solanas, A.M. New metabolites in the degradation of fluorene by Arthrobacter sp. strain F101. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 63 (1997) 819–826. [PMID: 9055403]
2.  Grifoll, M., Casellas, M., Bayona, J.M. and Solanas, A.M. Isolation and characterization of a fluorene-degrading bacterium: identification of ring oxidation and ring fission products. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 58 (1992) 2910–2917. [PMID: 1444405]
[EC created 2000]