Accepted name: coniferyl-alcohol dehydrogenase
Reaction: coniferyl alcohol + NADP+ = coniferyl aldehyde + NADPH + H+
Other name(s): CAD (ambiguous)
Systematic name: coniferyl-alcohol:NADP+ oxidoreductase
Comments: Specific for coniferyl alcohol; does not act on cinnamyl alcohol, 4-coumaryl alcohol or sinapyl alcohol.
1.  Mansell, R.L., Babbel, G.R. and Zenk, M.H. Multiple forms and specificity of coniferyl alcohol dehydrogenase from cambial regions of higher plants. Phytochemistry 15 (1976) 1849–1853.
2.  Wyrambik, D. and Grisebach, H. Purification and properties of isoenzymes of cinnamyl-alcohol dehydrogenase from soybean-cell-suspension cultures. Eur. J. Biochem. 59 (1975) 9–15. [PMID: 1250]
[EC created 1984]