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Accepted name: dihydrokaempferol 4-reductase
Reaction: cis-3,4-leucopelargonidin + NADP+ = (+)-dihydrokaempferol + NADPH + H+
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Other name(s): dihydroflavanol 4-reductase; dihydromyricetin reductase; NADPH-dihydromyricetin reductase; dihydroquercetin reductase
Systematic name: cis-3,4-leucopelargonidin:NADP+ 4-oxidoreductase
Comments: Also acts, in the reverse direction, on (+)-dihydroquercetin and (+)-dihydromyricetin; each dihydroflavonol is reduced to the corresponding cis-flavan-3,4-diol. NAD+ can act instead of NADP+, but more slowly. Involved in the biosynthesis of anthocyanidins in plants.
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1.  Heller, W., Forkmann, G., Britsch, L. and Grisebach, H. Enzymatic reduction of (+)-dihydroflavonols to flavan-3,4-cis- diols with flower extracts from Matthiola incana and its role in anthocyanin biosynthesis. Planta 165 (1985) 284–287.
2.  Stafford, H.A. and Lester, H.H. Flavan-3-ol biosynthesis the conversion of (+)- dihydromyricetin to its flavan-3,4-diol (leucodelphinidin) and to (+)-gallocatechin by reductases extracted from tissue-cultures of Ginkgo biloba and Pseudotsuga-menziesii. Plant Physiol. 78 (1985) 791–794. [PMID: 16664326]
[EC created 1989]

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